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Whether you are just starting in dye-sublimation printing, or you are a seasoned veteran, we have some quick tips for you to help improve your dye-sublimation printing success! Get started, and improve your prints now!

In this article, you’ll find easy to follow tips to help improve your dye-sublimation printing processes, if you are just starting or are an established veteran!

So you want to get started with dye-sublimation printing. But what printer should you get? What printers work for dye-sublimation and how do I know if I’m getting the highest quality printer?

In this article, I’ll explain to you why I think that the Epson WF-7710 is perhaps the best printer for entering into dye-sublimation printing and why exactly it is so good.

It’s 2019. Everything should be customizable. Whether it be phone cases, Xbox skins, signs, mouse-pads, custom cars, or customized clothes, products need to be customizable to help set them apart from the popular brands. Dye-sublimation is a great way to achieve this customizability for any product you may be interested in. The best part? Dye-sublimation doesn’t require a large upfront capital investment. In fact, dye-sublimation is relatively cheap, and is a super effective technique for producing completely customizable products that are unique from anyone else!

Installing an ICC Color Profile is super easy, and I’ll step you through everything you need to do here.

An ICC Color Profile is a standardized set of data that characterizes a color output of different devices, either display or print. What does that mean for you? Basically, the ICC Color Profile tells either your display or printer to show colors in certain ways.