USCutter Vinyl Cutter Review

USCutter Vinyl Cutter Review

If you’ve never used a vinyl cutter before, you’re missing out. Vinyl Cutters are a great tool for tons of different businesses, and have particularly great applications with sublimation and t-shirt businesses in general. But how can you be sure that you’re getting the best vinyl cutter for you? In this article, we’ll be giving you a comprehensive review of the USCutter Vinyl Cutter. We’ll be exploring the pros and cons of this vinyl cutter, and help you decide if the USCutter Vinyl Cutter is the best vinyl cutter for you. Stay tuned for this USCutter Vinyl Cutter review!

Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in

No matter what your background or use case is, I think you’ll find this review very helpful if you are considering getting a vinyl cutter. There are a ton of different applications for vinyl cutters. Everything from customized signs and decals for cars to high quality cut-outs for sublimation t-shirts, vinyl cutters can be a real asset to you and your business. 

In this USCutter Vinyl Cutter review, we’ll be covering everything with regards to this cutter. All of the pros and cons. This will make sure that this review is applicable to you, no matter your business application for your vinyl cutter! Let’s dive into the USCutter Vinyl Cutter review!

USCutter Vinyl Cutter

A quick USCutter Vinyl Cutter review for the impatient

Don’t worry! If you aren’t so interested in reading about the vinyl cutters, here’s a quick review and overview of the USCutter Vinyl Cutter! But if you are interested in reading a more in-depth look at the USCutter Vinyl Cutter, read more below!

Pros and Cons


  • Ultra-wide, 34in cut area. Perfect for those that want to cut out a wide range of different designs on different materials.
  • 350g down force. Relatively high down force that is more than capable of cutting most materials, and will allow you to explore different materials and designs.
  • Max Speed of 39in/s. Very quick and accurate cuts, you won’t have to wait for your cuts!
  • Capable of cutting: Standard Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Paper, Craft Paper, Card Stock, Paint Mask. Wide range of material types for a wide range of projects!


  • No support for Macs. Don’t like Windows? Too bad. This USCutter Vinyl Cutter doesn’t provide support for Macs. 
  • No support for contour cuts. If you rely heavily on the contour cut features of vinyl cutters, then this cutter is not the one for you.
  • Cannot cut: Tint, Laminate, Sand Blast Resist, Low-Intensity Reflective, High-Intensity Reflective, Un-backed or un-linered media. If you need to cut one of these materials, explore different cutters.

Hopefully, this gives you a quick overview of the pros and cons to this cutter. It provides a lot of support, but definitely isn’t the vinyl cutter to rule them all. Before we get more technical with this USCutter Vinyl Cutter review, let’s explore what’s in the box!


What’s in the box?

Here’s everything that the USCutter Vinyl Cutter comes with:

  • 1x 34″ USCutter MH Series Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand
  • 1x VinylMaster Cut – Design & Cut Software
  • 5x rolls Greenstar vinyl, each 24″ x 5 ft. Colors: Black, White, Real Red, Green, Canary Yellow (Please read note below)
  • 2x sheets 12″ x 24″ magnetic blanks
  • 1x TransferRite Ultra Clear 1310G (Grid)Application Transfer Tape – 6″ x 10yd
  • 1x TransferRite Ultra 592U Paper Application Tape, High Tack – 6″ x 10yd
  • 3x Vinyl Cutting Blades
  • 1x Hobby knife
  • 1x Squeegee

Let’s get more technical with our USCutter Vinyl Cutter review!

What is it

Before we Get Started, What is a Vinyl Cutter?

If you’re already familiar with vinyl cutter, already have a vinyl cutter, or are looking for a new vinyl cutter, then I think it best that you skip this section. But if you’ve heard that vinyl cutters are great, and you want to look at using one for your business, then this is the section for you!

But what are vinyl cutters? How can they improve my business? And why should I consider getting a vinyl cutter?

vinyl cutters

What are Vinyl Cutters?

Vinyl cutters are a piece of equipment that can cut vinyl!

That’s not very useful. Let’s get a little more specific. Vinyl cutters are a computer assisted piece of equipment that can accurately and quickly guide a cutting tool, like a knife, across a piece of vinyl or thin rubber. The knife cuts out any shape you want out of your material, and can do so with a very high degree of accuracy.

It’s actually not too different from a traditional ink-jet printer. A print head moves across some material, but rather than squirting out a little bit of ink, it presses a knife to cut the material!

Vinyl cutters can work with a wide range of materials, but is primarily suited for vinyl (obviously). In general, vinyl cutters have specific ratings for the types of materials, thickness of materials, and ‘strength’ of the material that it can cut. A vinyl cutter won’t be able to cut through particularly tough or thick materials, and could break if you feed it materials it is not intended to work for. 

vinyl cutters and t shirts

What Would I use a Vinyl Cutter for?

There are loads of uses for a vinyl cutter! Really, if you are looking for anything that needs to be able to make cuts quickly and efficiently, you’d likely need to consider a vinyl cutter.

One prime example for a vinyl cutter is as a tool for a t-shirt business. If you come up with a cool, simple design for a t-shirt or hoodie you want to make, then you may be able to use a vinyl cutter to bring it to life! 

Specialized types of vinyls are able to be cut with a vinyl cutter. Once you have a design cut out of your vinyl, you can use a heat press to bind that vinyl to a t-shirt or hoodie. This will permanently adhere your design to your garment. This is a great approach to starting a t-shirt business, and is a great option to expand your t-shirt business!

You can also use a vinyl cutter for less obvious examples. For example, if you have a manufacturing process that relies on pieces of rubber that need to be cut out, a vinyl cutter may be perfect for you. Come up with an easy to cut out design for your rubber pieces, and you can constantly feed in rubber or vinyl into your cutter, and have your designs automatically printed out.

What limits do vinyl cutters have?

Vinyl cutters can be limited by a number of different factors. If you are looking to get a vinyl cutter, you’ll definitely want to consider these limitations before you buy. Because after all, if your vinyl cutter doesn’t work, it’s not very good. So let’s look at the most common limitations!

First and foremost, your vinyl cutter will be limited by its size. If you’re looking to cut something that is particularly wide, you’ll want to make sure your vinyl cutter is wide enough to handle it. Most vinyl cutters are roughly the size of a small computer, maybe 2 or 3 feet in total width. That means they can only handle vinyl or cutting materials that are within that width. When you’re shopping for a vinyl cutter, you’ll want to make sure to keep in mind the width that your vinyl cutter can handle.

Secondly, there is almost always a maximum downforce for a vinyl cutter. This is the maximum amount of force the vinyl cutter can apply through its knife. When you’re working with particularly thick or tough materials, you’ll need a vinyl cutter with a higher downforce. If you’re working with thinner materials, you may not need such a high downforce. Make sure to consult the manufacturer or recommended downforce of the material you are using. So long as your vinyl cutter can handle your desired materials, you’re golden!

These are the major limitations that most vinyl cutters have. There are obviously a lot more, but we won’t go too in depth on these limitations. 

USCutter Vinyl Cutter

The USCutter Vinyl Cutter

Ths USCutter Vinyl Cutter is honestly a great vinyl cutter. There’s a lot of capabilities it has, but it’s also limited in a lot of different ways. Let me explain.

Width of the USCutter Vinyl Cutter

The USCutter Vinyl Cutter boasts a 34in cutting area. This is a very wide cutting range, and will allow you to work with tons of different types of vinyl and cutting materials. If you aren’t sure exactly what you will want to cut, this cut area will allow you to try and test tons of different ideas. No matter your project, this ultra-wide cutting area will probably be wide enough.

Remember, that if you’re dealing with crazy wide cuts, you probably need something more specialized. While 34in is plenty wide for most t-shirts and decal work, it isn’t the widest out there. If you’re dealing with custom decals for car wraps, or dealing with particularly wide cuts, make sure that your vinyl cutter supports that width. 

Downforce of the USCutter Vinyl Cutter

The USCutter Vinyl Cutter has an impressive 350g downforce at the knife’s blade. This is a particularly strong force, and will enable you to cut loads of different materials with ease. To be specific, this vinyl cutter supports working with: Standard Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Paper, Craft Paper, Card Stock, Paint Mask. 

The USCutter Vinyl Cutter can cut loads of different materials. But it can’t do it all. Here are the materials the USCutter Vinyl Cutter cannot cut: Tint, Laminate, Sand Blast Resist, Low-Intensity Reflective, High-Intensity Reflective, Un-backed or un-linered media. 

No matter what type of material you are looking to work with, I would highly encourage you to double-check to make sure that you can cut your material. Where you get your vinyl from, you should be able to get the recommended downforce to cut that material. This way, you can rest easy knowing your vinyl cutter will support cutting that material. 

Bundled Buy – Perfect for Industry Veteran or Newbie

The USCutter Vinyl Cutter comes with a really handy bundle of tools. These bundles of tools are perfect for anyone new to vinyl cutting. Specifically, the bundle comes with the following: 

  • 5x rolls Greenstar vinyl, each 24″ x 5 ft. Colors: Black, White, Real Red, Green, Canary Yellow (Please read note below)
  • 2x sheets 12″ x 24″ magnetic blanks
  • 1x TransferRite Ultra Clear 1310G (Grid)Application Transfer Tape – 6″ x 10yd
  • 1x TransferRite Ultra 592U Paper Application Tape, High Tack – 6″ x 10yd
  • 3x Vinyl Cutting Blades
  • 1x Hobby knife
  • 1x Squeegee

If you need any specific types of materials or specific types of blades, make sure to pick those up also. You may also want to consider getting something else if you’re a veteran to vinyl cutting. A lot of these bundle products are great for newcomers, but may be unnecessary for vets. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for the USCutter Vinyl Cutter

Overall, people love the USCutter Vinyl Cutter!

The most common complaint usually has to do with a misunderstanding of the functionality of the cutter, or what it is capable of. This cutter does have its limitations, but if you make sure to consider those limitations before buying, you’ll be golden! Make sure that this cutter is capable of handling whatever you want to do. 

On the other hand, there are loads of positive reviews for this cutter! Many people love lots of different things about this cutter. From the custom support, to the ease of use. This cutter really is one of the best vinyl cutters for anyone new to vinyl cutting. You can get started using this vinyl cutter extremely easily, and you shouldn’t have too many issues!

Is it worth the money?

USCutter Vinyl Cutter Review TLDR

The USCutter Vinyl Cutter is a great tool for sublimation printing and many other projects as well!

It has a wide cutting area, a strong downforce, and a quick cutter. This means that you can quickly tackle any project in front of you. There are still limitations to what you can do, but for any newcomer to vinyl cutting, this cutter will be able to handle it for you. 

It comes with a great bundle for getting started. You won’t need to go shopping around for loads of different blades to get started with the vinyl cutter. Just get this bundle, and you’re golden!

The USCutter Vinyl Cutter is a fantastic vinyl cutter for anyone looking to get started with a vinyl cutting business or for anyone looking to add vinyl cutting to their current business. If you need ultra-wide or ultra-technical cuts, this cutter may not be the one for you. But it is a perfect cutter for getting started with!