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HPN Signature PRO 16×24 Heat Press with Slide Out Drawer Review

Are you in search of a dependable, high-quality heat press machine for your business or personal projects? Look no further than HPN Signature PRO 16″ x 24″ Auto-Open Heat Press with Slide out Drawer and SurePressure.

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The HPN Signature PRO 16×24 Heat Press with slide out drawer stands out among other heat press machines due to its exclusive SurePressure feature, slide-out drawer, and time/temperature gauge. Not only that, but it’s competitively priced too – making it user-friendly for business owners and heat transfer enthusiasts alike.

Introduction to the HPN 16×24 Heat Press

The HPN Signature Pro 16×24 Heat Press Machine from Heat Press Nation is an essential for any business owner or heat transfer enthusiast. Its top features include:

  • SurePressure Setting
  • Magnetic auto-open release and countdown timer with audible alert
  • Drawer-style lower platen (aka slide out drawer)
  • Upgraded time/temperature gauge
  • Gas shock opening mechanism
  • Heavy Duty Construction

These features make it a high-quality heat press machine that will meet the needs of your growing small business or burgeoning hobby. Plus, it is available at a competitive price point. It has a commercial-grade structure, is capable of accepting thick items and has a full pressure range knob, which makes it perfect for anyone in the heat transfer space – whether they’re beginners or experts alike! No matter your experience level in using heat press machines before or experienced in heat transfer projects alike will find this Heat Press 16×24 to be your go-to favorite!

SurePressure Feature on the Heat Press 16×24

This Heat Press 16×24 is part of HeatPressNation’s HPN Signature Series, taking quality and reliability to new heights. The HPN Signature PRO offers an exclusive feature called SurePressure that provides reference points for all pressure settings on each transfer. Just find the right pressure for your project, note its number, then duplicate those exact results every time. This makes it easy to move from one project to another and back again. This guarantees consistent pressure as well as heat and time across every transfer.

Magnetic Auto Open Release on the Heat Press Machine 16×24

In addition to SurePressure, the HPN Signature Pro also comes equipped with a Magnetic Auto-Open Release. When the timer reaches zero, this magnetic release will open your heat press automatically, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project. Not only does this save you time and energy, but it also ensures your materials never overheat.

Slide-Out Drawer is an improvement over traditional Clam Shell Design

One of the unique benefits of the HPN Signature Pro 16×24 Heat Press Machine is its drawer-style lower platen. This provides more room to lay down transfer material without having your hands directly underneath the heat, providing increased safety with a compact design like a clamshell heat press. It’s especially helpful when working with larger or thicker items since you no longer need to hold them and prevents accidental burns. For example, this will be helpful if you are doing leather sublimation or putting vinyl transfers on leather.

16x24 Heat Press with slide out drawer
16×24 Heat Press with slide out drawer. The lower platen slides forward for ease of loading.

Gas Shock Opening Mechanism

The HPN Signature Pro Heat Press Machine 16×24 features a Gas Shock Opening Mechanism to make opening and closing the press easy. It offers high pressure with smooth and effortless opening and closing action. The powerful clamp mechanism has been combined with this innovative gas shock opening mechanism to make it one of the most user-friendly manual heat presses on the market today. This feature is especially beneficial when working on multiple projects simultaneously as it frees you up to focus on other aspects of your work while material transfers take place. Plus, with its Drawer Style Lower Platen design, you’ll have more room to lay down material without putting hands directly underneath heat – providing increased safety without sacrificing compact size like traditional clamshell heat presses do.

Easy to Use Leverage Handle on the

The Heat Press Nation HPN Signature Pro 16×24 Heat Press Machine has a second extended leverage handle that enables you to close the machine with without causing fatigue on your part.

Enhanced Time and Temperature Gauge

The HPN Signature PRO offers an enhanced time/temperature gauge, magnetic auto-open release and gas shock opening mechanism to make it one of the most user-friendly manual heat presses on the market today. The upgraded time/temperature gauge displays temperatures with a 4-degree accuracy range while an automatic timer alarm sounds 3 seconds before zero to prevent overheating of materials.

The HPN Signature Pro Heat Press Machine 16×24 has been designed with user convenience in mind with its upgraded Time/Temperature Gauge. Setting time, setting temperatures, and changing scale from °C to °F has never been simpler with the HPN Signature Series’ advanced digital gauge so your transfers are consistent every single time you press them.

The HPN Signature Pro 16×24 Heat Press Machine stands out from other heat press machines on the market with its upgraded time/temperature gauge. These features ensures your transfer material does not get overexposed to heat, leading to better-quality transfers.

Solid Framework

The HPN Signature PRO features a solid steel welded framework and reinforced structure to withstand high pressure, as well as an adjustable low to high-pressure clamp and full pressure range knob. Plus, it has dual fuse protection and an additional leverage handle for extra safety measures.

Specifications of the 16×24 Heat Press with Slide out Drawer

This 16×24 heat press machine features a maximum temperature of 400°F and time range of 0-999 seconds. Its power rating is 1600W/14 Amps with voltage 110V input. The 16″ x 24″ heat platen is baked-on non-stick coated for even heat distribution; actual dimensions measure 15.75″ x 23.5″.

The HPN Signature Pro heat press machine offers faster heating elements for faster heat-up times, an adjustable low to high pressure clamp, and a reinforced structure to withstand high pressure. Constructed from solid steel welded framework, it’s ready to handle thick items up to 1/2″ thick with ease. With its full pressure range knob, reinforced structure for high pressure output, and adjustable low to high-pressure knob, this complete heat press machine meets commercial business grade quality requirements.

The HPN Signature Pro heat press features an auto-opening, clamshell/drawer style base dimension of 27″ x 24″ x 32″, (D x W x H in open position). Its gauge reading can be made in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees Fahrenheit and its voltage is 110V; its power rating is 1600W/14 Amps with a maximum temperature limit of 400°F. It contains 2 fuses for backup protection in case of electrical surges. With time intervals ranging from 0-999 seconds and shipping weight of 130.1 lbs; shipping dimensions are 31.5″ x 28.7″ x 21.7″.

In addition to its exclusive features, the HPN Signature Pro 16×24 Heat Press Machine boasts an abundance of additional components that make it a top-tier heat press machine on the market. With its unique bottom slide-out drawer, improved time/temperature gauge, and gas shock opening mechanism, this press has quickly become a favorite among heat transfer professionals.

What Customers Think

Customers have praised the HPN Signature PRO for its impressive features, quality and dependability. Many have also commended its quick heating time and capacity to handle thicker items up to 1/2 inch thick. However, some have commented on how heavy and difficult the machine may be to move around.

Heat Press 16×24 Video: Heat Press Nation Official Video

In this official video from HeatPressNation, you will be introduced to all the PRO features of the HPN Signature PRO Heat Press 16×24. At the very beginning, at 0.57, and 1:01, see the slide out drawer in action; at 1:10 you can see the timed auto open mechanism; and you can learn about the SurePressure system when you get to to 2:06.

Official video by Heat Press Nation demonstrates the key features of the 16×24 Heat Press with Slide Out Drawer

Excellent Warranty

The HPN Signature PRO offers buyers peace of mind with its warranty and support options, providing added assurance. If any problems or inquiries arise, customers can reach out to customer service or technical support for assistance.

Lifetime Technical Support

Once you purchase the HPN Signature PRO 16×24 Heat Press, you will have the expertise of HeatPressNation on your side. The heat press comes standard with a 1 year warranty, and a warranty extension can be purchased. Most importantly your purchase entitles you to FREE Lifetime Technical support. When you purchase this machine, you will always be able to get the answers to your questions about its operation.


In conclusion, the HPN Signature PRO Auto-Open 16×24 Heat Press Machine with SurePressure is an ideal investment for anyone searching for a high quality and dependable heat press machine. Its exclusive features, competitive pricing, and user-friendly design have made it popular among business owners and heat transfer enthusiasts alike. Why not get one today and experience its advantages firsthand?

Overall, the HPN Signature 16×24 Heat Press with slide out drawer and SurePressure is an impressive heat press machine designed to make transfer projects a breeze. Featuring its exclusive SurePressure feature, magnetic auto-open release mechanism, gas shock opening mechanism, drawer style lower platen and upgraded time/temperature gauge for user friendliness and high quality at competitive pricing, this machine should definitely be on your short list when shopping for 16×24 heat presses.

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