HPN 15 x 15 Heat Press

HPN Heat Press 15×15 Signature Series 8-in-1 Multifunction Bundle Review

The HPN Signature Series Heat Press 15×15 Multifunction is the ideal versatile, reliable, durable, and user-friendly heat press machine.

Heat Press Nation is the Number One Heat Press Seller in the United States!

Whether you are a dedicated hobbyist or a small business owner, this is a quality heat press that will prove to be an invaluable tool that provides maximum flexibility for heat transfer projects.

Features and Capabilities – Heat Press 15×15

The HPN Signature Series Heat Press Machine 15×15 is ideal for use on a wide variety of substrates. Not only can you use it to make t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, and caps, but you can also create ornaments, awards plaques, name tags, license plates and more. The large 15″ x 15″ platen size accommodates extra large T-shirts and sweatshirts.

HPN 15x15 Heat Press
Improved Pressure Adjustment better accommodates thick items

This well-built, durable heat press has a 4-point mounted heating element and vertical pressure application system that ensures even and consistent pressure even on thick or rigid items. You can use it with substrates that are up to 2 inches thick! The 8-in-1 bundle from Heat Press Nation includes a 15×15 Swing Away Heat Press as its base unit with an exclusive secondary leverage handle which increases the safety and makes it easier to swing away the upper platen.

15×15 heat press 8 in 1 Multifunctionality

Besides the large flat platen, this 15×15 heat press bundle includes interchangeable attachments such as a Cap Attachment, Sublimation Plate Attachments and Sublimation Mug Attachments. The Cap and Sublimation Plate attachments can be mounted directly onto the machine; while the Sublimation Mug Attachments are meant to be used with an included carriage which sits just next to the heat press machine.

The HPN 15×15 Heat Press 8-in-1 Multifunction is equipped with all the heating elements you will need for creating popular items for your customers, family, and friends:

  1. 15″ x 15″ Heating Element
  2. Cap/Hat Heating Element
  3. 5″ Ceramic Plate Heating Elements
  4. 6″ Ceramic Plate Heating Element
  5. Water Bottle Heating Element
  6. Standard Mug/Cup Heating Elements (11-15 oz)
  7. Medium Tapered Mug/Cup Heating Elements for Latte Mugs
  8. Large Tapered Mug/Cup Heating Elements for Latte Mugs.

This range of heating elements ensures that you’ll be able to work with all the substrates you need, without having to invest in separate machines for each type of item. This heat press machine 15×15 has it all!

Advanced Technology and User-Friendly Design of the 15×15 Heat Press Bundle

The Heat Press Nation 15×15 Heat Press offers an upgraded Time/Temp gauge, enabling you to set the time and temperature quickly and easily. It is simple to switch the scale from Celsius (°C) to Fahrenheit (°F). The heat press has a bright digital gauge that displays the temperature with a 4-degree accuracy range. One of the best features is the automatic timer. It doesn’t just make a sound once the timer has reached zero. Rather, it sounds an alarm three seconds before reaching zero. This gives you time to walk across the room. This is a great feature which will prevent items from overheating in the 15×15 heat press.

HPN 15 x 15 heat press
Upgraded Time/Temp Gauge is accurate to within 4 degrees Fahrenheit

This HPN Signature series heat press 15×15 has outstanding features that make it a joy to use. It has a secondary swing away handle, which will give you added leverage when using high pressures. The secondary handle is also used to safely swing the upper platen to the side. The pressure adjustment knob is smooth and simple to use, making it easy to adjust the upper platen when you are working with thick substrates.

The heat press has improved heating elements for faster heat up times, full pressure range knob and has reinforced structure designed for high-pressure applications. It it a perfect machine for advanced small business use. To makes sure that the machine is not damaged if there are fluctuations in the electrical power, the Heat Press Nation 15×15 comes equipped with dual fuse protection. The machine is made with the demands of small businesses in mind with a durable 15in x 15in baked on nonstick coated heat platen.

The HPN Signature Series 15×15 Heat Press features digital temperature control and an automatic timer, and it is easy to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The machine operates at 110V with a power rating of 1500W/14 Amps. This means that the heat press will plug into a standard outlet. There is no need to get special wiring. The maximum temperature that the machine can reach is 400° F and the time range runs from 0-999 seconds. The shipping dimensions are 28″ x 21.3″ x 24.4″, and the shipping weight is 111.1 lbs.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a dependable, multi-functional, and user-friendly heat press machine, the HPN Signature Series 15×15 Heat Press 8-in-1 bundle multifunction is certainly worth consideration. With its extensive features and capabilities, this heat press will surely meet all of your heat transfer requirements.

Official HPN Video: 15 x 15 Signature Series Heat Press

This official HPN video shows the quality, durability, and versatility of the HPN 15×15 Signature Series Heat Presses.

Heat Press Nation (HPN) 15 x 15 Heat Press redefines the meaning of “quality” in the industry; this video shows why!

What Is The Best 15×15 Heat Press?

The HPN Signature Series 15 inch x 15 inch 8-in-1 Multifunction Heat Press is our choice for best 15×15 heat press. It is a great choice for sublimation as well as anything else you might do with a heat press. The features, ruggedness, lifetime technical support and recent improvements make it the best choice for professionals and crafters alike. If you are looking for a heat press with out the 8-in-1 functionality, then consider the HP Black Series Heat Press 15×15 or the MPress 15×15 High Pressure Heat Press.

15x15 Heat Press