Epson WF-7720 Review

Epson WF 7720 Sublimation Printer

Epson is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to printers. The Epson Workforce WF-7720 Sublimation wide-format all-in-one inkjet printer is quite feature rich and can print pages of sizes up to 13 x 19 inches. It also supports scanning and copying of documents of sizes up to 11 x 17 inches. Not only is the Epson WF-7720 (also known as Epson WF 7720 sublimation printer) a feature rich printer, but it is also a great option for sublimation printing! Read more on our Epson WF-7720 Review for our opinion on this printer.

In this Epson WF-7720 Sublimation Printer review we are going to help you decide if this printer is the best choice for your needs. The WF-7720 review will cover all the different aspects of the printer and explain them in detail. We will also help you understand the WF-7720 as a sublimation printer. Check out this WF-7720 review if you are interested in a great printer, or a great sublimation printer!

Epson 7720 sublimation printer


The WF-7720 printer has a height of 16.5″, width of 22.3″ and a depth of 17.8″.  It weighs close to 49 lbs. It also has a control panel with a 4.3″ color touchscreen. For a printer that supports wide-format printing it’s bound to be a large one. This printer won’t fit in a small place and will require a strong base to support it’s heavy weight. You can read more about the Epson’s specifications here!

Despite the large size, the WF-7720 has a great set of features to support any need you have for it!

Epson 7720 sublimation printer Connectivity Options

Connectivity Options

The WF-7720 has several ways you can connect with it! No matter your requirements, the WF-7720 probably supports it! Some of these include:

  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB – You can easily connect your computer, laptop or mobile devices through Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) – This printer also supports NFC protocol to print or scan documents by just touching your device to the printers dedicated spot for NFC.
  • USB Pen Drives – The printer allows you to print a document from your USB drive. You can also scan a document and save it onto your drive.
  • Epson Connect Suite – Epson Connect is basically a suite of mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS. The apps include Epson Remote Print, Epson Email Print and Epson iPrint. You can find these apps on the respective app stores of both the operating systems. The printer also supports third party apps such Google Cloud Print and the Apple AirPrint. So you are not limited to just the Epson app world.

Printing Quality

Epson is one of the most recognizable printer brands in the world! Because of this, you can generally assume that the printing quality for Epson printers is excellent. The WF-7720 definitely maintains that quality!

  • Text Quality – The text quality no matter the font size prints good. For most of the purposes it is more than perfect.
  • Photo Quality – Like text the photo quality is also good. The colors it prints are vibrant. Although, there could be a banding issue in the gray scale sometimes.

Printing Speed

The WF-7720 gives mixed results when it comes to the printing speed. For the regular documents printing, the speed isn’t great. But for photo printing it is quite quick in comparison to its competitors. If you want a printer that prints text documents faster then this printer shouldn’t be your choice.

That being said, there are options that can impact your printing speed! If you are willing to sacrifice on the quality of your prints, you can print at a higher speed. Still, the WF-7720 is quality over speed!

Is the WF-7720 Cost Effective

Cost of Printing

The cost of printing a page is one of the most important factors when it comes to finalizing a printer for purchase. The cost to print a text only page varies from 3-4 cents. Whereas, the cost for printing a color page comes at around 11-12 cents per page. The cost for printing wide-format pages will likely double per page.

This price can vary if you are using sublimation inks! Sublimation inks and sublimation paper can often be a little more expensive. If your long term printing costs are a concern, you should take that into consideration!

Power and Energy Consumption fo Wpson WF-7720

Power Consumption

This printer consumes less power than its competitors. Sometimes even 80% less power usage than other printers. That makes this printer a great option for eco-minded individuals!

We even have an article about the eco-friendliness of different sublimation options. You can check that out here!

Wide-Format King

This printer has an edge over its competitors when it comes to wide-format printing due to its support for larger 13 x 19 inch printing formats. The few extra inches can make a huge difference and provide flexibility to someone who regularly prints wide-format documents.

The wide-format is perfect for any printing needs! This can be especially true with sublimation printing! Large format prints can make a huge difference between your prints for t-shirts, hoodies, and more! We have lots of resources that can help you get started with sublimation printing, which you can check out here!

Best Printer for Professionals

Do you want your prints to stand out and make an impression? Then the WF-7720 printer is what you should be looking at. The printer also comes with one of the best scanners in the industry.

Two-Sided Printing

This printer allows you to print on both sides of the paper which can save a huge amount of paper resources for your business. It also supports scanning and copying on both sides of a page.

Two-sided printing isn’t particularly valuable for us sublimation enthusiasts, but if you are looking for a professional solution, then this is the printer for you!

Huge Paper Storage Capacity

The WF-7720 has two paper trays which allow up-to 250 pages in each tray. You also get a third tray at the back that you can use for special paper types. Combined you get a capacity of keeping up-to 501 papers stored in this printer. Having multiple paper trays allows keeping different paper sizes at the same time.

If you are just getting started with sublimation printing, then you might not realize how nice of a feature this can be. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent over a print to my Epson WF-7720, only to find out about 5 minutes later that it was out of paper! If you want some advice on paper to fill up this high capacity paper tray, check out our article on sublimation paper!

Improvements Over its Predecessor WF-7620

The WF-7720 printer replaces the WF-7620 model. Few feature changes include:

  • Improvement of the control panel with increase in the touch screen size and the spacing between the buttons. 
  • Upgrades to the Operating System.
  • ADF auto-duplexing.
Epson WF-7720 Review

Epson WF-7720 Best Sublimation Printer

Before we expand on why WF-7720 is the best sublimation printer, let us first understand what sublimation printing is. 

What is Sublimation?

In simple terms, sublimation is whenever a solid material converts into gas without passing through the liquid state, this process is known as sublimation. 

But sublimation is much more than a physical process. In fact, you probably own some clothes that were sublimated!

Dye Sublimation Example

How the Sublimation Printing Works

Sublimation printing is the process where heat is used to transfer the ink onto a fabric or material.

The first step for sublimation printing involves printing the design onto a special paper. Then the ink is heated which results in it turning into gas and then the paper is used to transfer the design onto the fabric or material.

This was a very high-level overview. If you are looking for a more in-depth article about sublimation printing, then you can read some of our resources! We regularly publish content on sublimation printing, so make sure to check back often!

Benefits of Sublimation Printing

The benefits of using sublimation printing includes permanent effects, very low chance of fading, no worry of the design being peeled, cracked or washed away. Sublimation printing is especially famous among businesses who rely on a small number of orders or who are looking for detailed printing.

Now coming onto our Epson WF-7720 sublimation review. Although, the sublimation printing can look attractive but it can be overwhelming for someone who is completely new to it. This is where the WF-7720 comes to your rescue. With the ease of using it for sublimation printing and the cost at which you can get started, it might be the best option.

Special tray for different paper types

The rear part of the printer provides an option to insert a special paper. This is where you can use the special paper for sublimation printing. The printer can also work with different materials to print on.

You can even set up your WF-7720 to use a sublimation roll, which can allow you to run very large prints!

Printers Jack Sublimation Ink

A different ink for Sublimation Printing

The default ink that you get with your Epson printer is not suitable for sublimation printing and you will have to purchase a special sublimation ink. 

You can read about some of the common sublimation inks and our reviews of them here! If you want an easy to use solution, here is our recommendation for the best sublimation ink!

Conversion Kits 

The WF-7720 has easy to use and cheap conversion kits available in the market which make it very easy to get started. You can easily install the conversion kits without any headaches. You will also get great quality prints with consistent results. 

Easier to get help

The WF-7720 has a huge user base which means you can easily find help online for any issues you might face with your printer. 

This might seem like a small point, but when your printer is throwing you some weird errors, you’ll realize the value a large user base can have!

Cheap option when it comes to Sublimation Printing

The WF-7720 is one of the cheapest printers when you compare it with other sublimation printers available in the market. Not only is the printer cost low but the conversion kits available for it are cheap too. This makes the printer one of the most affordable options.

If you are just getting started in sublimation printing, or if you are looking for a cheap option for your business, the Epson WF-7720 is a great sublimation printer for you!

How to convert your printer for Sublimation Printing

Things you will need beforehand:

  • The Epson WF-7720 printer.
  • A special sublimation ink and some refillable cartridges.
  • Sublimation Paper.
  • The fabric or material you want to print on.

Steps for Sublimation Printing:

  • Before starting it is always best to print a page and check if the printer head is working fine.
  • Now you have to remove all the previously installed cartridges. 
  • Fill the refillable cartridges with the sublimation ink and install them in the printer. 
  • It’s best to do print head cleanings now to be sure that the previous inks have been removed completely.
  • Now you can start sublimation printing. For best results you should print on a special paper for sublimation and then transfer the design onto your fabric or material using a heat press.

The only issue you might find with this printer is that it requires a setup in the initial phase to get started with the sublimation printing. Otherwise it is very easy to switch between sublimation printing and regular documents printing.

Epson WF-7720 Review - Final Thoughts

Epson WF-7720 Review – Final Thoughts

This WF-7720 review should help you decide whether this printer is the best option for you by now. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro in sublimation printing, the Epson Workforce WF 7720 Sublimation Printer is appropriate for anyone. With the option to print large sizes due to its wide-format printing, this is the best printer you can find in the market today.

You can expect outstanding scanning and printing quality with this printer. Nor will you go wrong in buying this multipurpose powerful printer. The WF-7720 helps bring the excellent printing and scanning quality of a regular Epson printer onto the wide-format printers.

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