Cricut Easypress Mini

Cricut EasyPress Mini Review

Cricut is an incredibly well known brand that has a reputation for high quality cutting equipment. To complement their cutting machines, they also sell accessories and crafting tools, vinyl, infusible ink, iron ons, and heat presses. The Cricut EasyPress mini is one tool that may be easily overlooked. Yet, we think it is invaluable.

Is the Cricut EasyPress Mini worth buying? What does it do, and does it have any stand out features?

If these are questions that you have been asking then you’re in the right place because in this Cricut EasyPress Mini review, we’ll answer them all.

If you’ve ever tried heat transfers on smaller items or surfaces that are less than even, you will know that the results can be, well…less than desirable. This is where the Cricut EasyPress Mini really comes into its own. This nifty and compact little machine is about to change the way you do HTV, infusible ink, and sublimation forever.

Cricut Easypress Mini

What Is The Cricut EasyPress Mini Used For?

The Cricut EasyPress Mini is a heat press that can be used for all sorts of heat transfer processes. It can be used for heat transfer vinyl which is more commonly known as HTV. The heat press works just as well for iron on transfers, Infusible Ink printing , and sublimation printing. Since it is small and nimble, it can be used on products that aren’t completely flat or that are hard to get to – such as cloth sneakers, hats, near and under buttons, and inside pockets. When you find that your Cricut Easy Press 2 is just too large, turn to the mini!

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Cricut EasyPress Mini and Vinyl Transfer

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Vinyl Transfer – Adhesive Vinyl Transfer

Vinyl transfer is a method to transfer a design crafted in vinyl onto a substrate, such as to a hat, clothing, coffee mug, sign, or banner.

If your substrate is smooth – such as a sign or a glass, or wood, then you can use Adhesive Vinyl. It has an adhesive backing that does not need heat. You cut your design face up using the Cricut cutter, put transfer tape over the front of the design, remove the adhesive backing from the back of the vinyl design, and then press the vinyl design onto your cleaned substrate. You do not need heat, only pressure. Once the design is affixed firmly, you lift off the transfer tape.

For adhesive Vinyl transfer, neither the Cricut EasyPress Mini nor any other heat press is needed.

Vinyl Transfer – Heat Tranfer Vinyl (HTV)

If you want to put a design vinyl design on an object that is not smooth, however– like a shirt, or hat, or sneakers – then you can use Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). The heat bonds the design to the fabric. With HTV paper, the surface that adheres is on the front of the vinyl paper. The steps for Heat Tranfer Vinyl areuse the Cricut cutter to cut out a mirror image of your design on the HTV Iron on Paper. The exposed surface is then put face down on the item of clothing. To bond the design to the clothing, you apply both heat and pressure. This process is casually known as “iron on.”

The Cricut EasyPress Mini works well with HTV.

Cricut Easypress Mini and HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl
Cricut Mini Press works well for odd shaped items

Cricut EasyPress Mini and HTV

When it comes to HTV, the Cricut EasyPress Mini shines. If your design is small – no more than 4 inches x 6 inches, or if it is on a tricky substrate, then Cricut Easy Express Mini is what makes your design work. Because it is small and maneuverable, you will be able to use for to apply HTV on jewelry, clothing tags, pocket designs, shoes, hats, purses, dolls, and accessories. You can use the tip and edge to access areas that a large flat heat press could not.

Temperature Settings for HTV

If using a Cricut Foil Iron On or Cricut Sport Flex Iron on, which are some of the more delicate iron on materials, then use temperature setting 1 (low). Use temperature setting 2 (medium) for Cricut Everyday Iron-On and Cricut Glitter. Run a test with a small piece and scrap fabric first.

Couldn’t I Just Use An Iron For HTV?

One of the most common misconceptions about the Cricut EasyPress Mini is that it is nothing more than a glorified iron. But this is not the case. An iron is made for taking out wrinkles and creases whereas the EasyPress Mini is made for heat transfer vinyl projects and boasts a ceramic plate that’s ideal for this purpose.

The ceramic plate distributes heat evenly compared to an iron, which is important for good adhesion of your HTV design.

The beauty of the Cricut EasyPress Mini is that you are not limited on what you can use it with. One of the most obvious features is that it has a very compact design. This allows you to use heat transfer vinyl on a much wider range of objects even those that are in hard to reach areas or are not on a flat surface. If you’re looking to get creative without limits, this is a tool that you absolutely must have in your arsenal.

Benefits of HTV Compared to Other Printing Methods

HTV printing adheres a layer of vinyl onto the surface of your substrate. This is a much more versatile method of printing as you are able to print on a much wider range of products even those that don’t have a totally flat surface. Moreover, you aren’t limited to printing on light colors as you would be when doing dye sublimation printing. When using heat transfer vinyl, you aren’t limited to printing on just light colored clothing. You can also print onto dark dark clothing. In addition, vinyl comes in white so you can use white in your design. When first getting started, many people prefer to use HTV instead of sublimation as it is less expensive to start up.

Disadvantages of HTV

HTV is essentially “gluing” a layer of vinyl onto a cloth. Over time the edges of the vinyl can start to lift up and peel. With repeated washings, a HTV design on a t-shirt will start to detach.

Cricut Easypress Mini and HTV
Over Time Vinyl Transfers will begin to peel

Cricut EasyPress Mini and Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation

Another method to imprint a design onto a shirt is dye sublimation. In this method, the dye actually changes from a solid to a gas and then bonds directly into the threads. The design is not on top of the clothing, but rather in the clothing. With sublimation, the design will not peel as it does with HTV, because it has permanently bonded to the fibers. It will not come off, but over time and repeated washings it may fade.

With dye sublimation, you use special inks and special printers to print on sublimation paper. Then you use a heat press to sublimate the dye into the item of clothing.

Dye sublimation can have high start up costs, and requires special printers, inks, and transfer papers. Sublimation can only be done on light colored fabrics, and there must be polyester present for the ink to adhere.

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Cricut EasyPress Mini and Dye Sublimation

Once the design has been printed as a mirror image onto the transfer paper, you need a heat press to sublimate the dye into the object. This is where the Cricut EasyPress Mini comes into play. As long as your design is 4” x 6” or smaller, then the Cricut Easy Express Mini will work to sublimate the image. You will need to set the temperature to level 3 – high. You can use the Express Mini to sublimate onto small areas, small substrates, and on areas that are hard to get to, such as pockets and around buttons. (Note that you need a specially shaped heat press for mugs.)

If you regularly sublimate onto shirts, then you will need a larger press for full coverage; however, the Cricut Easy Press Mini can help with the sleeves, or collars, or other tricky details.

Sublimated shirts dramatization  Cricut Easy Press Mini
Use the Cricut EasyPress Mini to work on small areas such as collars, sleeves, and around buttons.

Cricut EasyPress Mini and Cricut Infusible Ink

Cricut has simplified the process of dye sublimation by creating Cricut infusible Ink Transfer sheets. The transfer sheets are covered in the ink. You simply need to cut out the design in a mirror image on your Cricut Cutter, and then use a heat press to transfer your design onto a Cricut blank.

What is infusible ink and how does it work?

Cricut Infusible Ink is one of the most popular ways of transferring designs. Well what’s interesting is that Cricut is the creator of infusible ink so their products are perfectly designed to work with it. The main difference between infusible ink and other methods of printing is that rather than being printed onto the material, the ink is printed into it. Cricut describes this as the ink ‘becoming one with the material itself.’ Pretty clever, huh?

The benefits of using infusible inkare many but one of the main ones is that this method of printing won’t peel off over time in that way that HVT would. You get a much brighter, clearer, and long lasting result. Moreover, you have various ways of creating designs, including pens and markers as well as infusible ink sheets. It’s no surprise it’s catching on.

To use Cricut Infusible Ink, you will need to have a Cricut cutter, Infusible Ink sheets, and Cricut blanks on which you can print your designs. (Note that you will need a specially shaped heat press for mugs.)

So why do you need the Cricut EasyPress Mini for infusible ink?

Once you have applied your infusible ink design to your chosen material, whether that’s an item of clothing, a tote bag, a mug, or anything else, you will need to apply heat. This infuses and secures the ink leaving you with an amazing finished result.

The Cricut EasyPress Mini is perfect for designs that are small – 4 in x 6 in or less. It would work well for coasters and tags. It is excellent for blanks that are not perfectly flat or if you want to do fine detail work, for example on ribbons.

Cricut Easypress Mini for infusible ink™ Example
Cricut Infusbile Ink example

What Are The Main Features Of The Cricut EasyPress Mini?

The Cricut Easy Press Mini is bursting with features that make it a worthwhile investment for anyone with a passion for printing. What’s more, it’s an incredibly affordable product so if you’re just getting started and want to test the water then it won’t break the bank. In order to get better acquainted, let’s take a closer look at its features.

Ceramic Heat Plate

One of the most stand out features of the Cricut EasyPress Mini is the high end ceramic heat plate. We cannot stress enough the importance of a good quality heat plate as this allows for much more even and clean transfers.

This again proves why using an iron for HVT projects simply isn’t good enough and if you’re using infusible ink then even heat distribution is the difference between a striking result and something that looks far less than professional. The heat is not only even but also goes from edge to edge meaning that there won’t be a part of the design that is left untouched by this nifty little machine.

Heat Settings

One of the things we instantly fell in love with about the Cricut EasyPress Mini was that there is a good choice of heat settings. Not only this but they are also super easy to use and they’re pretty reliable.

There are three heat settings in all and these are low, medium, and high. It’s extremely important that when you are using this tool, you always ensure the correct heat setting before applying the Cricut EasyPress Mini to your items. This will ensure proper adhesion and won’t cause any damage. The last thing you want is to apply too much heat!

The low setting is perfect for more delicate projects such as when you are using foil iron-ons. It’s also ideal for delicate materials or synthetics, especially fabrics that are very lightweight and might otherwise be damaged under high temperatures.

You then have the medium setting which is a great middle ground and something that most users will opt for when doing a regular hobby project. This heat setting works excellently for your everyday materials and if you’re using heat transfer vinyl, it’ll definitely become your go to setting. What’s great about it is that you can also use this medium setting for things like glitter iron ons, so it’s pretty versatile.

Finally, you have the high setting. Now I’ll urge you to err on the side of caution here. While it can be tempting to think that using a hotter setting will mean better results, that isn’t always the case and if you’re not careful, you could end up damaging your garment. For this reason, we would suggest only using the high heat setting for infusible ink transfer sheets and dye sublimation. It does work very well for these and will provide consistent heat to ensure the best result for your project.

User Comfort

All too often, you find excellent products that do exactly what you expect them to but that don’t feel comfortable to use. If you’re going to be doing a lot of projects then it is super important to make sure that your Cricut EasyPress Mini feels good in your hands.

And boy were we pleased when we checked it out. Most other small devices like this have a pinch grip and that’s not at all comfortable. So the fact that the Cricut EasyPress Mini has a large handle that feels very much like a regular iron is a welcome change.

You won’t start getting cramped up fingers and there’s space for your whole hand. Not only is this extremely comfortable but it’s also great news where control is concerned. When you only use a pinch grip, you’ll find that you aren’t as easily able to move the device over your item with as much control. Using the Cricut EasyPress Mini is a breeze and this ease of use means far better results.

What’s more, the handle features a soft grip so it just feels great while you’re holding it. For many, looking at the handle is of little importance until they get it in their hands and realize that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. So it’s good news on all fronts for this part of the Cricut EasyPress Mini.

Safety Features

Any time you are using a hot device, it pays to be extra careful. Nobody wants to end up in the emergency room with a nasty burn. But while you should still use the Cricut EasyPress Mini with caution, it does have some nice safety features that help you with this. Moreover, these safety features are perfect if you are a beginner or perhaps if you’re encouraging a young person to get crafty.

For starters, the entire design is incredibly stable. When not in use, the Cricut EasyPress Mini will sit in a base so there’s very little chance of it falling over and causing damage or an accident. The base is also insulated so won’t heat up and cause damage to the surface it is placed on.

What’s more, if the Cricut EasyPress Mini has not been used for 13 minutes, it will automatically shut off. If you got a little too excited and forgot to switch it off after creating your masterpiece, you won’t need to worry and for us, that’s a really important feature.

Is The Cricut EasyPress Mini Easy To Use?

When you are first getting started with printing, you may have found yourself wondering how on earth you’re ever going to do some of the detailed work or smaller pieces. Enter the Cricut EasyPress Mini.

The Cricut EasyPress Mini can be used with infusible ink and heat transfer vinyl, and dye sublimation. Use it on areas that are no larger than 4in. X 6in. so that you can maintain even heat uniformly across the surface.

However, you may still worry about whether you will be able to successfully use the Cricut EasyPress Mini if you’ve never used heat press equipment before. But fear not, we’ve vetted the Cricut EasyPress Mini ourselves and checked out user reviews and the results are good; this is a beautifully easy product to use.

While this is not a detailed guide on how to use the Cricut EasyPress Mini, we wanted to give you a quick step by step rundown so you can see how simple it really is!

  1. Start by plugging the Cricut EasyPress Mini into power and placing it onto a stable, flat surface.
  2. You can now adjust the temperature to suit the needs of your project and wait for the Cricut EasyPress Mini to heat up. You will know when this is as the little light will turn green.
  3. Now you’re ready to adhere your design and you’ll do this by running the Cricut EasyPress Mini over the top for the recommended time. The one thing about the Cricut EasyPress Mini is that it doesn’t have a timer so you will need to use something else such as your smartphone.
  4. Cricut suggests moving the Cricut EasyPress Mini across your design at the same speed you would when using a regular iron, this will achieve the best result.
  5. When you are finished, turn the Cricut EasyPress Mini off and disconnect the base from power. It really is that simple!

Pros and Cons Of The Cricut EasyPress Mini

There are a lot of things to get excited about when it comes to the Cricut EasyPress Mini but as with everything, there are some things that let it down. But that’s OK, being aware of the pros and cons can help you make a more informed decision on whether this is the right product for you, so let’s break it down.


  • The Cricut EasyPress Mini is a compact device that is perfect for working on smaller projects or in hard to reach areas.
  • This is considered by many crafters to be one of the safest heat presses currently on the market. This not only makes it a generally excellent product but means that it is ideal for beginners.
  • The printing results made by the Cricut EasyPress Mini are high quality, clear and long lasting.
  • The Cricut EasyPress Mini is incredibly easy to use and completely hassle free.
  • The compact size of the Cricut EasyPress Mini means that it is easy to store and won’t get in the way when not in use.
  • The ceramic heat plate on the Cricut EasyPress Mini means that you get excellent heat distribution. This contributes to the high quality results you can expect.
  • If you’ve been using an iron to apply heat, you will find that the Cricut EasyPress Mini works far more efficiently and is much simpler.
  • The heat settings are very reliable meaning that you have greater control over each print and can always see the setting clearly.


  • Because the Cricut EasyPress Mini is a very compact machine, it is not suitable for larger printing projects like full sized t shirt designs.
  • Some people think that the Cricut EasyPress Mini is overpriced although there are some great offers on if you look around.
  • If you’re concerned about how your Cricut EasyPress Mini looks then you may be disappointed to learn that the device only comes in one color.

Unboxing Video

Would We Recommend The Cricut Easy Press Mini?

The Cricut EasyPress Mini is a fabulous little tool if you are going to be doing smaller craft printing projects. If you’re someone who has found that their larger printing equipment just doesn’t cut the mustard for certain items, then you’d do well to invest in this handy piece of equipment.

The thing is that you don’t even only have to buy this product if you only do smaller projects. Many people have found the Cricut EasyPress Mini to be invaluable when working on larger projects that have fiddly bits. When you use it alongside your bigger heat press, you’ll find that you have the perfect team!

You might also find this to be the right piece of equipment for you if you need something versatile. Not everyone sticks to one type of printing so it’s important to have a tool that meets all of your needs. Thankfully, the Cricut EasyPress Mini has a diverse range of temperatures that make it ideal for everything from delicates to infusible ink and everything in between.

What Are Other Users Saying About The Cricut EasyPress Mini?

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the Cricut EasyPress Mini and users all over the world are raving about how effective and easy to use it is. We’ve been scouring the internet for real life user reviews and it would appear that they’re all on the same page as us; in love with the Cricut EasyPress Mini.

People are talking about how comfortable it is to hold and how there’s no complicated processes; just switch it on, set the heat and get on with the job. What’s more, the power of this little device is something that’s mentioned time and again in online reviews. If you want something small but mighty, the Cricut EasyPress Mini is the way forward!


The Cricut EasyPress Mini is a small tool but certainly a mighty one. In fact, it’s currently the smallest tool in the EasyPress range but sometimes small is better and for intricate projects, there’s nothing quite like this fantastic piece of equipment.

What we really love about it is that the heat distribution is second to none. That’s all down to that high quality ceramic heat plate that spreads heat evenly and right to the edges. Moreover, it’ll glide over fabrics and materials leaving one of the most professional finishes we have ever seen.

If you’re into HVT, infusible ink, or sublimation, we would highly recommend adding this tool to your collection. It’s safe to use and will make life so much easier. Cricut, you’ve got it spot on!

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