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Fancierstudio Power Heat Press 15x15

Fancierstudio Power 15 x 15 Heat Press Review

The Fancierstudio Power Heat Press is a simple yet effective and consistent heat press. With a large temperature range, an extremely easy-to-use interface, and a strong, sturdy aluminum build, the Fancierstudio Power Heat Press justifies its place as one of the best selling heat presses on Amazon.

Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Review

Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Review

The Epson EcoTank ET-3760 is a capable and high quality printer that will consistently give you the results you are looking for. With it’s relatively new EcoTank design by Epson, this printer will not only give you the results that you have come to expect from Epson, but it’ll give you those results at a lower cost.

F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press

F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press Review

The F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press promises a lot, offering to serve as a robust solution to many beginning business needs for a newcomer to the dye-sublimation industry. The heat press offers a wide range of options, including a more traditional flat heat platen, as well as alternative sublimation methods, such as a mug platen, a hat platen, and two variants on a plate platen.